What determines the value of your company?

Defining Worth

While the market determines value, our experience with valuation feedback in the market provides a defensible estimate of that value, which equips you to confidently make decisions about your exit path and timing.

A company's value is based on the expected business earnings, and the application of growth and risk factors. Valuation approaches may include market comparable transactions, discounted cash flow, and capitalization of earnings. In M&A transactions, the value of a company is often expressed in the form of a multiple of annual earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA).

Value Drivers

Value drivers are the unique risk and value factors that determine the worth of your business, including your company's brand, market position, intellectual property, customer and supplier diversification, management team, and financial performance.

Value Enhancement

Depending on a company's value drivers and the owner's timing, value can be built prior to a transaction. We can help you see your company from a buyer's perspective and prioritize your efforts to achieve the highest value growth, attract the preferred buyer profile, and position the company for an optimal sale.

Performance & Reporting

Profit margins, financial metrics, adherence to accounting standards, and reporting best practices


Track record and a defined growth strategy

Market Position

Brand strength, market size, market share, and innovation

The Moat

Product differentiation and barriers to entry


Level of depndence on any single customer and supplier

Organizational Structure

Management team/employees needed to achieve company goals without overreliance on the owner


Systems, processes, and capacity to deliver on current and future sales demand

Sales & Marketing

Ability to produce revenue growth in a proven and sytematic way

Fundamental Value Drivers